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The Rainbow of Dopamine Dressing

We all have our moods but with dopamine dressing we can alter our mood with what we wear and the accessories we hold. So to get you in the right mood we have come up with a selection of fashionable pieces that will have you showing off kindness, oozing confidence and even reflecting happiness, it is just a matter of choosing the right hue.

Pink is the colour of kindness and to show off yours and attract that of others turn to The Upside. The Australian label not only bears an optimistic name but it also works to help others with The Upside donating 100% of all profits of its Denise Bondi Crew in pink to the McGrath Foundation to help increase breast health awareness.

They say purple is the colour of wealth and luxury, and to attract that into your universe make sure you grab Apple's iPad Air in the royal hue. As you work on your next presentation use everyone's favourite tablet in the right colour and project onto the world your future. It's all about positive thinking and holding onto the right hue could attract all the right things your way.

OPI's latest collection is all about the power of colour, with the Power of Hue Collection boosting your mood through a simple glam mani. For emitting friendliness paint your nails in Sun-rise Up, with the inviting orange colour known to encourage enthusiasm, so just imagine what your digits can get up to if they are painted in enthusiasm!

Green symbolises health and is also a relaxing colour, and that is why we are even wearing it on our underwear especially when it is that time of the month. Modibodi's range of period underwear is not only practical but also comes in a wide selection of colours and cuts but green wins our envy.

See the world with confidence with red frames from Oscar Wylee, drawing attention to your eyes and style. And if you are wanting to reflect your inner light and embrace the colour of happiness and spread optimism then reach for a pair of yellow glasses that are sure to have you glowing.

Blue creates calmness and security so when it comes to our music time Apple's AirPods Max in Sky Blue are the perfect accessory to not only look good but to also keep us in a cool, zen zone. And with the digital crown, it lets us easily control the volume, skip between tracks, answer calls and activate our favourite assistant, Siri.


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