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The New iPhone is Calling Out to Our Love of Cool Tech

Apple's new iPhone range has us itching to get our hands on the new smartphone for some sharper images and a new best friend to rely on in an emergency.

Apple has just announced its new bundle of joy, version 14 of its game-changing iPhone range and we couldn't be more excited.

The iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max all feature the Ceramic Shield cover, meaning that your phone is tougher and is protected from accidental spills, and because life gets in the way with unfortunate clumsiness this is quite the selling point for us. The 14 Pro and Pro Max also feature the Always-On display, which lets you check the time and your personalised widgets at a glance even when Lock Screen is on.

A new great feature added to the new releases is the Crash Detection feature, which makes the smartphone indispensable, with the phone automatically dialling emergency services when it detects a severe car crash, a life-changing feature especially if the user is unconscious or is unable to reach the phone.

With every new release comes more fantastic camera features and with the new line-up of phones comes the ultra wide camera, delivering sharper images with more detail, texture and showing off better, vibrant colour. And with a new Action mode you can take better videos full of action but without the shaking, so you can capture all your moments, still or full of energy, without the dreaded dizzying and unsteady movements. If you're constantly relying on your phone to capture moments, whether personal or for your professional work, this is undoubtedly a wonderful feature, because now more than ever the old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" resonates even more with a lot of us using our phones for work that requires visual appeal.

With a new iPhone range comes of course a new rainbow of colours, including silver, purple, blue, and starlight white, but we're sold on the oh-so-luxe iPhone 14 Pro Max in gorgeous gold.


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