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The New Grand Véfour

Paris's famous Le Grand Véfour restaurant has just unveiled its outdoor dining area and its new contemporary French cuisine menu.

One of Paris's most iconic restaurants, Le Grand Véfour, has recently gone through a menu makeover, bringing to the classic establishment a touch of modernism in its cuisine. Chef Guy Martin who is best-known for serving fine French cuisine has overhauled the menu, which included rich dishes such as foie gras ravioli, to bring fresher and more contemporary options to diners. Today, diners can enjoy a quinoa salad tossed with fresh cucumbers and cashew nuts, rump steak served with artichoke hearts and drizzled with an anchovy jus, and a pesto risotto with baby carrots and peas. The menu isn't the only thing that has been given a makeover either. While the restaurant's 19th-century neoclassical décor has remained intact, adorned with gorgeous large mirrors with gilded frames, Le Grand Véfour has now extended its dining area to include two outdoor terraces. One terrace is romantically nestled under the famous arcades of the Palais-Royal, and the other overlooks the beautiful Palais-Royal garden with the perfectly landscaped trees and flowers stretched out before the diners, offering a stunning table to enjoy dinner al fresco on warm summer nights in Paris.


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