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Street Food to Share

Get a taste of Brazilian street food with Japanese cuisine flair in the heart of Paris.

Uma Nota's success in Hong Kong has paved the way to a second branch for the vibrant restaurant, this time in the French capital. Sprawled over two floors in a former department store, Uma Nota serves mouthwatering Brazilian street food with delicious Japanese influences, with the two cuisines coming together in everything on the menu, from the cocktails to the desserts. Start with the Cawasabi cocktail, a spicy take on the traditional Caipirinha with handcrafted wasabi syrup, and pair with croquetas de linguiça, sausage croquettes served with wasabi and cucumber mayonnaise. The idea of the menu here is to share, but if you do not share food you don't have to, with dishes small enough for one, so either order several to share between two or more, or go solo with a couple of dishes. A dish not to miss here though is the grilled eggplant with a miso glaze topped with crumbled feta cheese and cashews, which works perfectly well as a main dish for one person.


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