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Sleepless in London

The Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre in London is bringing a classic Hollywood movie to the stage in London.

A night at the theatre will have you falling in love all over again with one of the most romantic stories ever told. Sleepless, A Musical Romance, is based on the classic movie Sleepless in Seattle and promises to be just as charming. Opening on the 25th of August, the musical tells the story of Sam, who after losing his wife, moves to Seattle with his son Jonah. Sam soon becomes quite the eligible bachelor with women all over the country falling in love with his story when Jonah calls into a radio show and forces his father to talk about his heartache. One of those listeners is Annie, who lives in another city. Watch as Jay McGuiness and Kimberley Walsh step into the starring roles of Sam and Annie with a 12-piece jazz orchestra bringing to life Sleepless.


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