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Sipping From Art With T2

Australian artist Brooke Sutton has turned the new teaware collection from T2 into a delicate work of art for our high tea.

Australian artist Brooke Sutton is colouring our teatime with history and brushstrokes that tell the story of the Kalkadoon people, descendants of an Indigenous Australian tribe living in Mount Isa in North-West Queensland. Collaborating with T2, one of our favourite premium tea brands, Brooke has turned a collection of cups and saucers, mugs and teapots into works of art, painting different flowers that represent the ingredients and natural bush medicine used in the different teas, and bees and dragonflies to represent T2's dedication to sustainability in her own unique style of Aborigianl art. Turning our teawares into inviting pieces that not only turn our teatime into an Alice in Wonderland-worthy theme but also transforms them into liveable art, Brooke is delighted to invite everyone to hold a connection to the Kalkadoon community in the palms of their hands with the new T2 collection.


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