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Signature Style

Design your very own, and unique, it bag with Iris Noble.

If there is one thing to love about fashion is how you can make it your own, letting your style shine through and become unique in your own way with how you mix and match pieces and how you accessorise. Iris Noble, a luxury brand of handbags founded by Jennifer Noble, lets each fabulous person create their own bespoke bag, and ensures that no other fashionista in the world is holding the same statement bag, gifting each client the ultimate status in fashion, achieving a unique signature look with their very own it bag. The house offers a catalogue of seven bags from which each client can select one as a base before building on it. Everything from size, colour, leathers used, inside and out, and even the stitching is selected, inviting each person to become co-designer of their very own bag. Iris Noble also works very hard to make sure each bag is unique by ensuring that even if two clients select the same bag, colour and leather, the stitching, for example, will be altered, letting small details shine and still produce one-of-a-kind bags. Iris Noble's atelier is in the Saint-Germain neighbourhood in Paris where clients are invited to visit for private appointments in the first step of the designing process, however, the house also offers the same service remotely should getting to the fashion capital prove to be difficult.


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