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Scented Homes

Scented candles not only fill a room with delicate notes but they also create a cosy and romantic ambiance. To set the mood in any room we share with you 6 of our favourite candles.

Romance and relaxation are on the menu with the Baya handmade rose candle made with natural plant-based and organic ingredients.

Ben Gorham, founder of luxury house Byredo known for its niche perfumes, has teamed up with Ikea to create Osynlig, a collection of 13 candles. Each candle has been created like a perfume with base, heart and top notes and offer original scents including the Tobacco & Honey candle with notes of smoky tobacco, honey and sweet vanilla.

Fill your home with scents of the orient with L'Odaïtès's Orange Grove in Bloom scented candle. The wax candle with a 100% cotton wick burns for upto 60 hours and will fill the air with notes of sweet orange blossom.

One of the scented candles world's cult names, Diptyque, has added to its already impressive offering of candles with a limited edition addition. The Othoniel Rosa candle is a woody scent with notes of peppery rose poured into a holder designed by artist Jean-Michel Othoniel who was inspired by the rose painted by Rubens in The Marriage of Mary of Medici and Henry IV painting.

Simon-Simone have poured sweetness and cosiness in the Oriental Eau d'Ambre scented candle. Spices, vanilla and wood create a melange that fills the air with a warmness that will last for upto 40 hours.

Take your senses on a voyage to Provence with Love in St Rémy's La Vie candle. Made in Grasse, the capital of perfume-making, the candle diffuses the smell of pears in the air, bringing the Provençal orchards to your home.


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