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Retreat in Silence to the Loire Valley for your Wellbeing

Out of State, a wellness retreat in France's Loire Valley, envelopes you in silence while inviting you to reconnect to nature to improve your overall health.

A yoga and meditation retreat in a French chateau awaits in the Loire Valley where for four days silence is golden, offering an incredible moment of a wellness timeout. The zen experience, Out of State, is crafted to relax the mind by way of a cure held in a dreamlike setting courtesy of Château de la Bourdaisière. Handheld by three experts including yogi Ian Szydlowski-Alvarez and beauty brand founder Tata Harper, you are guided through the holistic experience of meditation and yoga classes, detoxifying massages, and a personalised juice cleanse, setting out to not only work on your physical state but to also clear the mind of its clutter. Held from the 16th to the 19th of March, Out of State is the first silent retreat organised by Wellness, a health initiative launched by Claire Thomson-Jonville, created to work on your health as well as your happiness. Bringing you back to nature and disconnecting you from the digital world, the retreat will, in a sense, reboot your system, reconnecting your body to your mind and soul to improve both your physical and mental health.


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