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Rainbow Dishes

Paris's new Rainbow Kitchen makes vegetarian and healthy dishes so appetising you will want to order everything, for lunch, brunch and dinner.

Who said vegetarian food is boring? If you are of that sentiment then be ready to change your mind and that of your taste buds with the new vegetarian-friendly Rainbow Kitchen. The colourful culinary offering groups 6 different cuisines under one delivery service umbrella where you can lunch, brunch and dine on seasonal dishes that are veggie-friendly as well as eco-friendly with all of Rainbow Kitchen's packaging made from recycled materials. Picky Spring, Rainbow Juice, Brunch All Day, Yasai, Roll Factory and Verdura make up the literal and figurative Rainbow Kitchen, giving you a very appetising selection of dishes to choose from. For Vietnamese rice paper rolls with a twist head to Picky Spring where you can bite into an asparagus and quinoa roll or click on Yasai's menu of colourful maki rolls and California rolls. In the mood for yummy Italian pizza? Verdura is the tab to tap for a classic Margherita or perhaps the Truffle pizza that is truly a truffle fan's favourite, with the yummy dough topped with a creamy truffle base, truffle oil, potato and dollops of truffle paste. Continuing with the rainbow concept to colour your meal, Verdura offers three choices of pizza bases, the classic, beetroot and parsley, with the vegetable juices slightly tinting the dough. And for anyone who loves to brunch you can do so every day from Tuesday to Sunday with Brunch All Day. Croissants, eggs, pancakes and avocado toast are all on the menu inviting you to brunch in the middle of the week if you so wish. Rainbow Kitchen is our brilliant and convenient find for healthy vegetarian meals to be delivered during the day for lunch while working or for dinner when heading out or cooking feels like it is just too much of a hassle.


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