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Mix and Mâche

Paris’s 10th arrondissement is where our new favourite restaurant, Mâche, is serving up creative dishes that will have any foodie and insta foodie in culinary heaven.

Colourful and well-presented, Mâche’s décor and dishes are both equally inviting with a feast for the eyes and the taste buds waiting for you in the French capital. The restaurant, in the city’s hipster 10th arrondissement, is where you go for a great meal where each dish is more impressive than the other, and where the dishes are reasonably priced by Paris standards. Start with the zucchini blossoms with olives, sweet apricot and served with gaspacho and toasted bread, before ordering the smoked butternut ravioli drizzled with a mezcal and lemongrass infused butter emulsion. The menu is constantly evolving but always created with creativity in mind and more importantly novel in the way ingredients come together to form a flavour explosion with every bite. The restaurant offers a degustation menu for dinner with five dishes paired with natural wines, elevating the experience for your senses. This is a great address for foodies in the culinary capital.


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