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Lunch with Dalí

Le Dalí, the restaurant in Le Meurice hotel in Paris, is a restaurant worth a visit while in the French capital where fine fare is served in art history.

If you're lucky enough to be in Paris there is one hotel restaurant you need to experience. Le Dalí is in the plush Le Meurice hotel where Salvador Dalí famously lived and had a pet lobster that he took out for walks. The hotel restaurant is named after the eccentric artist, and it is where you can enjoy French fare and entertainment courtesy of some great people watching. Just across the road from the Tuileries Garden, you can indulge in onion soup with Comté cheese, lobster salad drizzled with a truffle vinaigrette, and Croque Monsieur, and simply cross the road to walk off the delicious dishes while taking in one of the French capital's most famous gardens. If you want to go all out and make the most of being in the culinary capital of the world then make sure you also treat yourself to a trompe l'œil dessert from pastry chef extraordinaire, Cédric Grolet, before heading out to explore.


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