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Louis Vuitton Dreams Come True

LV Dream is Paris's new cultural space celebrating the heritage of luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton, and it takes you on a fashionable journey before inviting you on a decadent date in its café.

French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton has unveiled a cultural space in Paris that delves visitors into the world of the iconic house.

Tracing the history of Louis Vuitton, from its inception as the designer of travel trunks for Napoleon III's wife to a fashion cult favourite, LV Dream is a wonderful rendezvous for a very chic lesson in fashion history. The cultural space is divided into nine rooms, each immersing the visitors into the LV world with interactive installations and a detailed look into the house's celebrated savoir-faire.

LV Dream also plays host to a decadent café and chocolate shop where visitors are invited to indulge in delicious pastries created by talented pastry chef Maxime Frédéric. Fancy popping a piece of chocolate stamped with the famous LV monogram or perhaps biting into a creamy cake covered in the house's motif?

Entrance to LV Dream is free but you do need to reserve your spot, so make sure you get organised for your date with Vuitton. If you are only interested in popping in for coffee and cake there is no need to reserve.


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