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Holi Fashion

Indian-inspired Australian ready-to-wear label Boom Shankar celebrates Holi, the festival of colour, with fashion.

An ode to India, Australian designer Dui Cameron's fashion label Boom Skankar is a wonderful collection of artisanal craftsmanship and free spiritedness. The label's latest collection, inspired by Holi, the Indian festival of colour, was first designed in India when Dui was in lockdown in her part time home in Pushkar. Featuring vibrant colours, hand embroidery and block printing, the pieces celebrate life and colour, which are being celebrated, and appreciated, more than ever before. With the world slowly emerging from Covid lockdowns, the collection brings hope via fashion, with collaborative creativity bringing these pieces to life. Designed in both India and Australia, made with love in India and finally available for the Aussie summer, the collection includes midi dresses, crop shirts and cotton pants that team beautifully with a camisole, denim jacket and sexy slides.


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