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Eye-Catching Jewellery

Get flirty with Susana Martins's Eye collection and send a message with your jewellery.

Dubai-based jewellery designer Susana Martins knows how to catch the eye with her jewellery designs. Trained in the art of jewellery making in Portugal, the designer has quickly found her style with geometric designs and Middle Eastern influences. Manipulating gold and precious gemstones to create original pieces, Martins brings to the jewellery world a modern collection filled with nods to the ancient world. Her Eye collection modernises the superstitious eye to ward off the evil eye with a cheeky, sexy wink, while her Letter Mania collection features bejewelled letters of the alphabet with a genius 3D detail, which reveals the Arabic equivalent of the letter on the side. With a new take on expressing creativity with accessories, the designer invites her clients to interact with her pieces by mixing and matching, and creates for them, upon request, 3D charms with their names or certain words such as love, written in both English and Arabic.


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