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Early Christmas Treats

3 things we cannot wait for Christmas to eat and drink...

... Christophe Louie's gourmet panettone. The pastry chef has mastered the art of making the perfect panettone, using the most noble ingredients to bake the famous Italian sweet bread usually reserved for Christmas. Buttery, fluffy and filled with almonds and candied orange, we are already enjoying his traditional panettone with our coffee.

We're popping pink champagne to celebrate every little thing. With everything 2020 has thrown at us every win is worth a celebration and we are loving the pink bubbles of Léguillette-Romelot's Nuances rosé champagne. Its fine bubbles filled with notes of berries, peach and almonds are a burst of subtle sweetness and pairs well with creamy cheese and naughty desserts.

When in need of a chocolate break we're already treating ourselves to La Chocolaterie Cyril Lignac's famous chocolate-covered marshmallow bears that have been given hearts of praline for this year's festive season. The soft bears now have extra texture with a crunchy hazelnut praline heart just waiting to be bitten into.


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