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Delicious Delivery Dining

Paris may still be in lockdown but that doesn't mean variety isn't still the spice of life when it comes to dining. If you are isolating in the City of Light then check out what we're dining in on this week in the French capital for foodie inspiration.

Mediterranean Monday with homemade hommus, freshly baked bread sprinkled with zaatar, and shakshouka with organic eggs is served courtesy of Malro. The restaurant also serves pizza and pasta dishes that are all available for pick-up or delivery, bringing the different tastes of the Mediterranean to your home.

Coyo Taco is our go-to for Taco Tuesday. The recently opened restaurant has put together a taco kit with tortillas, a choice of fillings, from grilled chicken to beef, and mushrooms for vegetarian and vegan diners, and a choice of toppings including cheese, pickled onions and tomato salsa. All you need to do is choose, fill your tortilla and enjoy. You can also order a side of guacamole and even a pitcher of margarita for your night in.

For Frenchy Friday La Causerie is serving French classics ready to take-away. The traditional Parisian bistro offers a different menu every week but could include classics such as gnocchi served with snails tossed in garlic sauce or a fried egg served on a bed of mushrooms. The menu also includes delicious desserts including the house signature pastry, the Paris Brest.

Soul Food Saturday with generous and hearty meals shared with the family can still be enjoyed even in lockdown with New Soul Food. The recently opened restaurant specialising in contemporary African-European fusion cuisine brings curry chicken, marinated lamb cutlets, rice and beans, and plantains straight to your kitchen table for some comfort food for the soul.


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