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Dancing Through Paris Fashion Week

Get ready to party during Paris Fashion Week at L'Arc, the City of Light's famous nightclub, where a fashion exhibition accompanies your dance moves.

Paris Fashion Week is here and that means one thing... beside all the fabulous fashion of course, and that is exclusive parties. And where do the stars of the fashion world head to when they're in the fashion capital of the world? L'Arc, Paris's famous club where the who's who of the mode congregate at night after attending the designer shows all day. Overlooking the Arc de Triomphe, the club will be hosting 3 soirées this Fashion Week, from the 29th of September to the 1st of October, with Italian DJ Marco Carola and even a fashion exhibition curated especially for the club all part of the fabulous lineup. Could there be anything more fabulous than a fashion exhibition in a club?!


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