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Comedy & Cocktails

Paris's new comedy club invites you to go for the food and stay for the laughs.

French comedian Kev Adams recently opened his own comedy club in Paris and it isn't only the laughs he is serving but also modern cuisine with the help of chef Ruben Sfez. In the bustling 2nd arrondissement of the French capital is where Le Fridge is located, the name of the comedy club is a nod to its speakeasy restaurant accessed through, you guessed it, a fridge. In the kitchen, chef Ruben serves tuna tacos, guacamole topped with seaweed salad and roasted sweet potato that marry well with the house cocktails named after famous comedians including Jerry Seinfeld, while downstairs the comedy club hosts talented comedians that will make sure you are left in stitches. The only catch here though is that the stand-up performances are in French so if you are not fluent you may not be laughing quite as much. The advantage of Le Fridge though is you can reserve for the restaurant independently of the comedy club so you can still go and enjoy some great food and cocktails.


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