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Click Once If You're Hungry

With Paris thrown back into yet another lockdown more restaurants have put in place their Click & Collect offers. Here we serve you our top 3 on a home delivered platter.

Being stuck at home means one thing, comfort food, and thanks to Fitzgerald you can get yours in the form of a crispy, buttery and gooey Croque Monsieur with black truffles. The French bistro is our choice for weekend drinks at home when after a couple of cocktails the tummy asks for some easy, greasy snacks. Bypass the usual fast food haunts and click for the bistro's guacamole and tortillas, duck spring rolls, vegetarian gyoza, and of course its signature Croque.

For vegetarian and vegan dinners call upon Flower Food, Paris's latest veggie-friendly restaurant. Focusing on creating vegetarian and vegan alternatives to favourite dishes, Flower Food serves you hearty courses minus the meat. Order the vegetarian lasagne made with mozzarella and spinach, vegan couscous, or mac and cheese and dine in meat-free-style in the comfort of your own home.

Missing the feeling of taking your tastebuds on travel adventures, and in the mood for oriental and Middle Eastern flavours for an exotic escape? Pich Pich is your culinary saviour for dishes full of sun-kissed spices for a light lunch on a sunny day, accompanied by a glass of chilled wine at home. Start with the creamy eggplant and yoghurt dip and tzatziki then enjoy the carrot salad seasoned with orange blossom and pistachios, and crispy pastries filled with feta cheese and fresh herbs.


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