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Cédric Grolet’s Fruit Basket at Le Meurice

Cédric Grolet makes eating our five servings of fruit a day a little bit naughty but full of deliciousness too hard to say no to.

He's the star pastry chef that Hollywood celebrities flock to when in Paris to step behind the counter with him in his popular cake shop at Le Meurice hotel to make his trompe l'œil cakes. Cédric Grolet's cakes aren't just pleasing to the eyes though, and envy-inducing for any social feed, but they are delicate and full of flavour, and make every bite an explosion of happiness and cementing to your tastebuds that Paris is truly the destination for incredible pastries. The chef's creations are always inspired by seasonal fruit, making sure that the "fruit" you choose is the freshest of the bunch. From peaches to blueberries, your favourite fruit awaits to be picked, to delight you and your sweettooth in the artistry of pastry-making. Each pastry is filled with its eponymous fruit, waiting to be cracked into but only a limited number are made during the day so be sure to get there early. Bon appétit!


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