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Brunch à la Maison

Brunch is when savoury and sweet are welcomed at the table at the same time with no rules except to eat and be merry. Whether you're in lockdown, isolating or just wanting to host everyone's favourite meal at home, spruce up your brunch buffet with these yummy twists.

Just like breakfast, brunch is never complete without coffee and French brand Warca Bio gets you started on a good note. The organic ground coffee is roasted in France's east, in Alsace, and fills the kitchen with the perfect smell of freshly brewed coffee.

Pancakes, toast and waffles always taste better with a sweet spread and thanks to foodspring you can spread with no guilt with its new Just Nuts spreads. Just Cashews and Just Peanuts are both plant-based and organic spreads that contain no artificial sweeteners or palm oil, and taste as sweet and creamy as other popular spreads, just healthier.

Forget plain champagne to dress up your brunch spread, we're loving the new Chandon Garden Spritz. The ready mixed spritz is made with sparkling wine and artisanal orange-bitter liqueur.

For a Middle-Eastern twist to your table grab the new Mezeast wrap kits. Wrap bread, seasoning, and even tahini all come in the one box to help you create the perfect falafel or lamb wrap.

The Bloody Mary may be the go-to brunch cocktail but that doesn't mean you can't add a twist to it. Forget the vodka, mix your bloody drink with Gibson's Pink, a distilled gin with notes of strawberry and rose petal, adding a subtle sweetness to your drink.


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