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Beauty Sleep at Hôtel de Crillon

Improve your sleeping habits and check yourself into the luxurious Hôtel de Crillon where your wellbeing will be treated to a world of luxury.

Hôtel de Crillon is not only reconnecting us to one of our favourite cities, Paris, but it is also helping us work on our wellbeing and mental health. The plush hotel that commands attention on the Place de la Concorde has put together a wellness programme, inviting guests to partake in relaxation classes, yoga and meditation, and even fencing classes. The hotel spa has also put together a programme that promotes better sleep. The better we sleep, the better we feel, both mentally and physically, so the hotel has created a package that combines morning aqua stretching sessions to awaken the senses before adopting and applying the Neurofeedback practice to reinforce mental health with dedicated sleep experts. So if you are looking for an exxy stay in the City of Light and for the plushest of ways to get your beauty sleep, then this is where you should be checking in.


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