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Baïja Body Care

Keep your skin hydrated all year round with this sweet-smelling body cream.

Whether you're in the Northern Hemisphere enjoying a scorching summer or in the Southern Hemisphere facing a chilly winter, you need to give your skin some TLC. While the sun is known to be harsh on the skin, cold weather also dries it out, which means you need to keep your skin hydrated all year round. Baïja Paris offers a great remedy with its collection of body creams that includes the Delirium Floral Body Cream, a floral bouquet with organic avocado and prickly pear seed oils. The rich cream marries well with its matching body scrub, which gently exfoliates your skin before you lather it with the body cream to leave it feeling soft and smooth. You can also complete the layering regime with the collection's shower gel before quenching your skin's thirst with the hydrating body cream.


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