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Bûche Bite Delight

You don't have to wait for Christmas to get a taste of Angelina's 2020 bûche.

France loves its pastries and celebrates everything from Millefeuille Day to Macaron Day so it is no surprise that for Noël chocolatiers and pastry chefs pull out all the stops to bring to the festive table the perfect dessert, the traditional bûche. This year Angelina, the famous tea salon in Paris, is dressing its signature Mont-Blanc dessert in pistachio cream. Crunchy, creamy and just the right amount of richness, the Mont-Blanc Pistache hides a heart of meringue and Chantilly cream under lashings of pistachio and chestnut cream. If you cannot wait though until Christmas to bite into this nutty delight, Angelina has already added it to its menu in individual sized servings.


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