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A Taste of Noël

Paris is famous for its pastries and this Noël the culinary capital's pastry chefs are blowing us away with their mouthwatering bûches.

Paris's famous rooftops have been turned into an edible creation thanks to the Cour des Vosges hotel's bûche. Filled with mascarpone mousse, infused with Italian coffee and built on an amaretto sponge cake, this Christmas cake is a little bit of Paris to delight in with every bite.

Fouquet's Paris's new pastry chef, Anthony Coquereau, has created the most memorable bûche this year. The ultimate souvenir of the French capital, a snow globe, has been transformed into a delicious creation by the talented chef. A gooey caramel heart with roasted peanuts on a chocolate base is topped with the city's iconic Arc de Triomphe and covered with a bubble made of sugar, creating everyone's favourite souvenir.

Paris's plush hotel, Hôtel de Crillon, is celebrating Christmas in style and tradition. Pastry chef Matthieu Carlin has created a mouthwatering bûche that stays true to simple elegance that is synonymous with the hotel by foregoing modern takes on the bûche and has instead respected tradition and fashioned the festive season's favourite dessert into a traditional Yule log. Made with delicious chocolate, the bûche plays with different textures to bring your tastebuds a Christmas party in your mouth with the sweetness of the chocolate mousse and cream heightened with a sprinkle of lime zest.

Everyone's favourite ornament this year is sure to be the edible kind from the Waldorf Astoria Trianon Palace hotel. The hotel's pastry chef Eddie Benghanem has dipped into his favourite Christmas memories as a child to create a wonderful origami-inspired bûche almost too good to eat. Made with sophisticated attention to detail, the bûche is a chocolate cake with a creamy milk chocolate heart flavoured with confit fruit to bring out the tastes of Christmas and topped with carefully folded layers of chocolate to create a Christmas tree and ornaments.


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