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A Sip of History

After recent renovations the 19.20 bar at the Prince de Galles hotel has unveiled a fabulous new bar that is an ode to Art Deco and the most marking decades of the past century.

With an English private club vibe the Prince de Galles hotel welcomes you into 19.20, its recently reopened bar, to discover its new signature cocktail menu, with each cocktail inspired by a different decade or a specific date that is part of Parisian history. Try the Mai 68, a strong cocktail mixed with calvados and mezcal, or perhaps order the Fashion 1st, mixed to celebrate the city's first ever fashion week with cognac. Each signature cocktail is also served in a unique glass, reflecting the inspiration behind the drink and the personality behind the ingredients used. The bar, nominated for this year's Prix Villégiature Best Hotel Bar award, also boasts an impressive cognac offering with selections rarely found on other bar menus with tastings organised in the bar's Alcôve, a private room that can host 10 people for special and intimate events.


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