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A Rosé Moment

We have found a new partner in crime in making the best Sunday brunch cocktail.

Floral notes and hints of berries, Producta Vignobles's new BDX Révolution Rosé wine is our new favourite drop. The Bordeaux vineyard has produced the rosy pink wine in collaboration with Australian winemaker David Hohnen and it is the perfect rosé to accompany refreshing salads. We have also discovered that the BDX Révolution Rosé is our secret ingredient to making a great Rose Sangria for a fun Sunday brunch at home. In a pitcher add 1 sliced orange, 2 cups of sliced strawberries and 2 tablespoons of sugar, stir, then grab your chilled bottle of the BDX rosé and a third of a cup of Grand Marnier, add them to the pitcher, add half of a sliced lemon and a handful of mint leaves, and voilà your brunch cocktail is ready to impress.

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