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A Provençal Retreat

Escape to the French countryside for some R&R at Crillon le Brave Hotel.

The French countryside is one of the most relaxing destinations where you can wind down, admire nature and disconnect from excess screen time. To help get the most of being away from stress-inducing cities, Crillon le Brave Hotel has put together wellness package deals to make sure you leave all the stress behind you and to welcome in a more balanced way of living. Filled with charm, the Crillon le Brave village, where the hotel is nestled in and which participants will discover while embarking on hikes to clear their minds, sets the backdrop for the health retreat programmes curated by the hotel. The Endless Summer retreat, held from the 24th to the 27th of September, aims to place the mind in a positive state while the A Booster for Winter retreat, held from the 22nd to the 25th of October, aims to prepare the body for the cooler months and to boost the immune system. Organised in partnership with Wellness by LMSV, who specialise in bespoke well-being retreats, the Crillon le Brave Hotel programmes include meditation, health workshops, and meals prepared by the hotel chef.


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