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A Jewellery Box Fit for a Queen

Mellerio dits Meller has commissioned Goyard to create a luxurious jewellery box for its latest collection of rings, and the result is every jewellery-obsessed lady's dream, a jewellery box we would love to dip our fingers into.

The oh-so-elusive French luxury handbag house Goyard, the prestigious name that is synonymous with class and style, and which was established a year before Louis Vuitton, has teamed up with the oldest jewellery house in Paris, Mellerio dits Meller, to bring us every girl's dream jewellery box. The two houses, both the oldest in their respective luxurious worlds and which define prestige and lend themselves to a certain status symbol, have come together to present Mellerio's latest collection of rings, Color Queen, in a custom Goyard ring jewellery box. The emerald green box beautifully complements and highlights the extraordinary purity of the precious stones used to design each of the ten rings making up the Color Queen collection. Each ring, inspired by the Italian Renaissance movement in France when François I was crowned king in 1515, features a different coloured stone, creating a rainbow of luxury, celebrating the history of the creative period. These rings are the ultimate stacking goal and the box is just the gem on the dazzling cake that we want to get our hands on to slip a ring on every finger.


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