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5 Fab Accessories to Elevate Your Look

An accessory can complete any look and to add the final touch to our every style we turn to these 5 statement-making accessories.

Jewellery has the power to elevate any look, even a pair of leggings and an oversized sweater for a casual look. Making sure we sparkle no matter our look we love Furla's Arch collection, which includes delicate bracelets and rings that you can wear on their own or as part of a stack.

Flats are back and you know it's a serious trend when even Christian Louboutin releases a collection of comfy flats with a red sole. The French shoe designer has just created the Jane collection, an elegant line of Mary Jane shoes that elevate any look without perching you high on heels.

Framing your face in this season's hottest trend, clear frames, is Oscar Wylee's Alya glasses. The clear specs will make sure your vision is 20/20 while letting your eye glam shine through without clashing with your eyeliner flick.

One of the most understated accessories is your perfume. It is the invisible final touch to any outfit, and with notes of woody oud, Parfum d'Empire's Ruade is the niche perfume you need for a spray of quiet luxury.

Lingerie is one of our favourite accessories, even if hidden, but we love it more when we can show it off a little, enter Bendon's Lace Me Up Corset, your perfect corset to wear under a blazer.


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